Citizen engagement and building coalitions for conflict prevention

Since 2017, Stratagem International personnel have supported three agencies in work across Ukraine; one a major human rights and democracy-focussed inter-governmental organisation, the second an international democracy-promoting institute and the third a private foundation from a European country specialising in conflict resolution.

The activity has involved multiple in-country visits and hybrid engagements since the pandemic. Commissions have included:

•  Intensive training of human rights defenders (monitoring, record-keeping, archiving, self-protection and reporting mechanisms)
•  Civil society capacity-building (organisational development and advocacy skills)
•  Strategy and negotiations training
•  Stakeholder identification, profiling and mapping; strategic comms
•  Conflict resolution approaches, including local ceasefire negotiations and prevention of gender-based violence
•  Capacity-building for public officials and municipalities (public engagement, consultation and policy development)
•  Mentoring and coaching of public officials across Ukraine on civic leadership and advocacy
•  Preparation and dissemination of case studies in civic leadership, participatory budgeting and regeneration (social and economic)
•  Advice to national and local government institutions to codify citizen rights and engagement