We offer sound evidence-based approaches to gain a deep understanding of the particular dynamics and challenges facing actors in complex environments. Through innovative research, developing strategies and designing training and toolkits, we help organisations influence and advance their reputational and strategic aims and provide practical solutions – ensuring that they are empowered to effect real and tangible change.

Providing services for organisations with international interests, Stratagem International focuses on political environments outside the UK and Ireland, specialising in those which are seen as particularly complex. We provide specialist services based on client and project needs, under three broad strands of work:



Research & Analysis

Gaining a comprehensive evidence-based appreciation of the actors, interests, positions, issues, drivers, obstacles and dynamics of the environment

  • Research: desk / field research, quant & qual, stakeholder, investigative, audit
  • Analysis: political, risk, reputational, stakeholder, power, conflict, CVE
  • Reporting: policy development, recommendations



Mediation and conflict resolution

Assessing and bringing together coalitions of actors, crafting / sharpening / enhancing positions and removing barriers to change in a conflict-sensitive manner

  • Mediation: track two diplomacy
  • Peace-building: stakeholder profiling and mapping; roundtables and engagement
  • Capacity-Building: facilitation, training, team-building, political party development 



Strategic communications and public affairs

Planning and delivering high impact campaigns – often under the radar - which influence behaviour, empower organisations and create lasting positive change

  • Campaigns: public diplomacy, political (elections, referendums), reputation management, attitudinal / behavioural change, CVE
  • Design & management: scoping, strategy development and execution
  • M&E: review, audit and evaluation